40 and Fired had a better ring to it than 39 and Layed Off--thus the title and impetus for a blog. I'm a freelance writer living in the mountains of Colorado with my husband, children and high maintenace pets. I'm over the whole turning 40 thing, so this is now more about my humorous/sarcastic take on life, excercise and our daily adventures.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Break in the Routine

A very convincing argument can be made regarding our daily life being like a vacation. And on many days, I would agree.

Not the days when its snowing sideways and there are snowdrifts to be shoveled. Or any day involving cleaning the house, brushing dingle berries off a dog or simultaneous deadlines and school commitments. Fresh tracks on a powder day, having Mushroom Rock trail to myself or counting wildflower varieties in the upper meadow are fodder for ad campaigns. Living where others want to vacation has its upsides...and downsides too, notably having to earn a living and buy a house in such a popular market. Aspen home prices have been in the news as of late. Sure, the cheapest, stand-alone dwelling in town is a single-wide trailer priced at $599,000--but the papers aren't mentioning it used to be listed at twice the price!

But even endless snow, blue skies and a sweet apres scene (literally--would you like marshmallows or whipped cream with your hot chocolate?) get stale come spring. Which is why I've spent the last week kicking back in flip-flops, riding a beach cruiser and taking afternoon naps in Cedar Key, FL. Grandparents live here, weather is sunny and warm, there's plenty of fresh seafood being hauled from the local waters and it's a welcome change of pace.

Tomorrow, temps in both places are supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny. And many folks in Colorado are already riding their beach cruisers and wearing flip-flops. At our mountain top abode we've gotten two feet of snow this week. So for now, I'll sleep with the door open and be lulled by the sounds of surf on the beach. Come Sunday, spring skiing at Snowmass will be a perfect ending to our relaxing island routine.