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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Would a Princess Have a Dead Dog in her Bathroom?

Before we get to the question at hand, yes I realize it's been an entire month since I made a posting. I apologize and know that I have wracked myself with guilt-although that didn't accomplish much. It's been a month full of deadlines, a road trip, a work trip and endless snow. Trying to do better is all I can promise because, while I would like the snow to give it a rest, it appears deadlines, road trips and work trips are continuing to fill up the calendar.

The royal wedding got me dreaming about being a princess. Mind you, there are some rather substantial road blocks. I'm married, am American, have no royal lineage and never did anything to market myself to available princes. And the idea of kissing other people's babies, popping out my own babies who would be counting the days to my demise so they could rule the country and being on constant alert not to have the paparazzi catch me picking my nose are not top on my list of career ambitions.

But the upsides are rather intoxicating: a staff, fat bank account, exotic trips....maybe I could learn to wave like a queen.

So why the dead dog question? During the Pattillo household spring cleaning day today, I happened to dust our bathroom and noticed a pretty box on the shelf. It took me a moment to remember the box held the ashes of a much-loved, but dead, pet. And poor Harley has been sitting on the shelf, watching over our daily grooming habits, for almost two years. We have plans to spread his ashes and even a place in the yard. However, the time never seems right. What a downer to darken a bright, family day with, "okay, who's ready to go spread some ashes?"

Logistics also come into play. We have to do it during the brief window without snow on the ground, and, considering how infrequently I dust, a season can pass without me noticing Harley on the shelf.

He'll find a final resting spot eventually. And I suppose it would be no more unusual for a princess to have a dead dog in her bathroom than it is for me to have one. In fact, I'll ask the first princess I meet.

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