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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's Not My Homework

College graduation was so long ago, it no longer feels real. Many, such as my husband, were inspired to continue on for higher learning. Me? Not really. Sure, I love to learn, read and 'expand my mind' as much or more than the next person. But the thought of tedious applications, dry lectures, endless homework, test rooms silent except for nervous throat clearing....no thanks.

Thus, the rigors of 4th and 6th grade are even more foreign to my aging mind. Plus, I've already learned and forgotten that information once, why revisit it?

Well because my daughters are certain I could research and write their papers on magnetism, roseate spoonbills or Guatemala in a fraction of the time it will take them. No doubt, but it's their turn to learn the process.

I'm not asking them to get straight A's or make the honor roll. Hell, they attend a Waldorf school which doesn't even have grades. But without a common measurement standard, success becomes vague. So what makes my kids successful?

Being the person your classmates and teachers can count on to stay outside and work on a quinzee hut until it's finished. Standing up, against the group, to offer support for a perceived wrong/slight/injustice. Accepting every bit of extra work offered because its fun. Looking at a challenge in their own unique way and working with classmates to find a solution.

Their plenitude of admirable traits makes the occasional shortcoming all the more difficult to bear. But, the girls will write their own papers, awkward sentences and all, and grow from accomplishing the task. Sure, I'll help here and there. One day I might even tell them about my atrocious spelling and comma confusion. Well, maybe not. At least they aren't asking for my help with math!

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