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Sunday, February 6, 2011

I Really Don't Hate Football......

.......It's just not my thing. For those who enjoy it and play it, good on ya. The sport boosts our economy and makes a lot of people very happy.

But personally, I do not see the draw in spending a beautiful afternoon inside, yelling at the television, wearing an unflattering polyester jersey with someone else's name on it and eating cheese-laden, fried food. Before you balk, I've always felt the same way about televised golf. Cocktails, hushed coversations and fancy hor d'ouvres don't make it any more appealing. Why watch it, when you can play it. The Tour De France and the Olympics are my exceptions because I just can' t play that way, and I think they are actually fun to watch. Hypocrisy? Not in mind, just further argument for chocolate and vanilla.

During college, I was an average student at a good school, and usually ended up watching the Superbowl in a classroom as part of an advertising study. Extra credit is extra credit. Plus I've always found the ads more entertaining than most of the plays or the over-hyped and dubbed 'performances' passed off as half-time shows. Although, I'm forever intrigued when the play line is over-layed on the field without obscuring any of the players. Ask a room full of avid fans how that is done, only if you want all conversation to come to a screeching halt.

All of this adds up to make my current situation all the more interesting. John is off skiing with our house guest, and the two will return with several other friends, just in time for kick-off of the game and our Superbowl festivities. Translation: I'm in charge of the party. Since they left this morning, I've read two magazines, eaten all of the chocolate in the house, made a to-do list and, just for fun, tossed the list in the fireplace.

It's against my competitive nature to throw a bad party, so I'll rally. But first I might read another magazine and take the girls for a back country ski. No doubt the game will proceed whether or not I wash our windows.

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  1. Football, especially high school and college football, is fun to see in person.

    My wife and have fond memories of going to see our son play high school football for the Wampus Cats.