40 and Fired had a better ring to it than 39 and Layed Off--thus the title and impetus for a blog. I'm a freelance writer living in the mountains of Colorado with my husband, children and high maintenace pets. I'm over the whole turning 40 thing, so this is now more about my humorous/sarcastic take on life, excercise and our daily adventures.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Meaning of a Number

I've been out of the dating game for a while. Seriously, decades, like since the first George Bush was president. And to clear up any rumors before they start, I plan to remain that way.

But yesterday, a guy gave me his number. No just me, but two of us in the car. I hitched a ride to a trade show with two friends, both younger than me. We dropped our first friend off at her hotel, and, as we were leaving, the 20-something parking attendant gave us his number, with the line, "call me later, if you get bored."

I was able to refrain from riotous laughter until we pulled away from the curb, with our emergency brake engaged. More hilarity ensued. We decided Micah was just being nice and forgot all about the exchange.

Later I got to wondering, what was he thinking, I mean really thinking?

-Maybe he was actually just giving his number to Jen, who was probably about his age.
-Perhaps he had no clue of my age.
-Or, please tell me no, maybe he had a 'mom' or 'older woman' fetish.
-He gives his number to all females he meets.
-His second job is as a gigolo and he was trolling for customers.

I can deal with the first two scenarios, but the third is more than I can handle. So I choose the first answer, Jen was his primary objective, but I was welcome to come along. And let's just leave it at that! As for the others, he actually did seem more genuine, but what do I know?!

Alas, in the end, we weren't bored and I guess Micah had to spend the evening alone.


  1. ....or you could just be a BAD ASS!! (as per Sally)

  2. ....or you could just be a BAD ASS!! (as per Sally)