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Friday, October 15, 2010

Martyr or Superhero?

Rarely are there enough hours in the day to do what I need to accomplish. I'll admit to having a rather cumbersome "to do" list, but I don't feel that's a bad thing. Tardiness is a given when I'm involved and it is not done as a sign of disrespect or to gain control of the situation. But waiting is wasting time, and I'm a rather impatient waiter, so I instead choose to fit in 'just one more thing', which is usually one thing too many.

No doubt I have some sort of psychosis, but that is not my point. The point is whether I'm a martyr, as I'm accused by my husband, or a superhero for getting so much done in the time at hand?

According to the American Heritage Dictionary (published in 1982--it's been awhile since college!), a martyr is 1. One who chooses to suffer death rather than renounce religious principles. 2. A person who makes great sacrifices or suffers much in order to further a belief, cause or principle. There are more, but they get tedious.

I'm up at 1 in the morning writing this as I wait for cupcakes, for tomorrow's party, to finish baking. While sleep would be nice, I'm not "suffering" and I'm certainly not attempting to further a cause, just cross something off my party list. Truth of the matter is, I also function better at night and baking the cupcakes now is much better than it would be at six in the morning. I have to bake them and this is when it works.

I think I'm a superhero, although my costume is getting a bit snug thanks to all of the birthday treats. Six hours until I need to wake up, plenty of time to finish baking and get some rest. No martyrdom involved. But first I'm going to fold some laundry, so I can cross one thing off the "to-do" list for tomorrow.

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