40 and Fired had a better ring to it than 39 and Layed Off--thus the title and impetus for a blog. I'm a freelance writer living in the mountains of Colorado with my husband, children and high maintenace pets. I'm over the whole turning 40 thing, so this is now more about my humorous/sarcastic take on life, excercise and our daily adventures.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Personal Truths

--Individually wrapped pieces of candy count as one serving, no matter how many pieces you eat.

--I eat like a 17-year old football player when I write.

--Reduced salt potato chips just cause you to eat more because you are forever in search of the proper salt/fat ratio.

--Not exercising/resting makes me anxious.

--I've never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

--I don't honor self-imposed deadlines.

--My bra and undies are always, always coordinated.

--Dogs make me smile, cats I tolerate.

--Coming from a niece-less and nephew-less only child, God children rock.

--I handle clutter better than I handle dirt.

--I'm the only person in my house who knows how to change the toilet paper.

--The laundry will put itself away if you give it enough time.

--I am, at this very moment, procrastinating.

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