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Friday, September 10, 2010

Next Time

The Gore-Tex TransRockies Run was the hardest thing I've ever accomplished -- and yes this is coming from a woman who has birthed two babies.

I struggled, got sick, wanted to quit, decided to be a food writer in my next life, succumbed to the heat,grew impressive blisters, experienced wicked ITB pain and considered never running again. That was just Day 1.

You may be wondering what made me post on Day 2? Crazy but true, it was fun, and I wanted to. And so we did, every morning after that for four more days.

The GTTR is an amazing event, the people, the orchestration, the sponsors and the entire experience make you want to be a part of it. And to fully understand it, you must experience it. And to completely experience it, I wanted to cover every single mile. Thanks to John, we did.

This was our vacation, and we joked about it being a rather sadistic one. But the supportive atmosphere enabled us to grow as people, as athletes and as a couple.

We were expecting long days (which we had in great numbers!) of talking about the big picture and enjoying one anothers company. In truth, there was a lot of silence, which turned out to be exactly what we needed.

A typical conversation:
"You good?"
"Yes. Eating?"
"Some. Drinking?"
"Working on it."

Life became very basic. Sleep, eat, run, eat and repeat. Enough laughs, creek soaks, incredible vistas and massages were mixed in to make memories for a lifetime, and I've never been so happy and relieved to cross a finish line.

We enjoyed an awesome lunch at the Chophouse with Devo, Scott and Gordon, our OutsidePR friends. Then had much needed naps and showers. Dinner included another amazing GTTR slide show and video, celebrations and congratulations. Somewhere along the way,a funny thing happened.

We forgot about the pain, the struggles and how hard the week was. Instead, we started talking about ways to shave time (in our case its lobbing off big chunks), who else to invite and ways to make the experience even more incredible.

It took less than six hours to go from "once and done" to "next time". Next time has a nice ring to it. We'll see you at the start!

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