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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Your Chocolate is in my Peanut Butter

Remember the old Reese's ad campaign,where, through some random act, one person's chocolate bar would end up in the other's jar of peanut butter and they would live happily ever after?

A recent Pattillo family experience paralleled this concept, but not with as blissful an outcome.

John got two hives of bees for his birthday. Since we live in bear country, he built an electrified enclosure around his bees--sounds extreme, but we have a friend who actually picked up his bee box and carried it away from a curious bear. The electrified fence is better for all involved!

Here are the girls with my birthday Jeep. John had just pulled into town from picking it up in Maryland. After this photo was taken, we dropped the Jeep off at a repair shop and picked it up 6 weeks later. I drove it once before we went out of town.

While we were away, our house sitters decided to use the Jeep and forgot to set the emergency brake. Thankfully, we were relaxing in the Bahamas when we received this photo.

The good news is that no one was hurt. The bad news is the bees all decided to take up residence elsewhere and the Jeep is back in the shop--indefinitely.

We'll try again next spring on the bees and maybe the Jeep will be repaired before the snow starts to fly. I didn't have time to take my dream Jeep trip down the Baja this summer anyway!

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