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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Setting Intentions

At the end of 2009, Bryon Powell of iRunFar.com asked several of his contributing writers to set their running intentions for 2010. I had three very specific ones, but I didn't list them. Why? I didn't want to jinx myself, maybe I was afraid they would happen and I didn't want to look obnoxious.

Despite not announcing my three intentions to the ethers, they are all about to happen.

The first was to participate in the Gore-tex TransRockies Run, a six day stage race from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek, CO. It actually begins on Sunday, whether I'm ready for it to or not.

The second was to go the Grand Canyon and do a Rim to Rim to Rim trip with the amazing women of Project Athena. Yes again. Go time on that trip is two weeks from tomorrow. Nothing like running 113 miles to prepare.

And my third goal--to run the Himalayan Run and Trek, a 100 mile stage race, in India this October. It looks like that dream is going to come true as well. For the most part anyway. I was hoping John would be able to come and that I would not miss either of my daughters' birthdays. Turns out, I'm going solo and return home two days after my eldest turns 12. Try explaining the concept of a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to an 11 year old. Just one more reason for us to send the girls to therapy one day.

Years ago, when I was 25 and naive, I announced I would climb Kilimanjaro for my 40th birthday. I just entered a contest to win that very trip--you can enter too at www.polarmax.com. If I win, and if we go (it's for two), we would be summitting on my 41st birthday.

I realize my chances of winning are slim...thousands of people enter such contests. But the intention is out there......

I'll keep you posted, but it seems intentions are very powerful indeed.

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