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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gluttonous Celebrations

A major focus of our family fun time is cooking and celebrating holidays. Our chosen holidays began as the standards, with extra additions for variety. Unfortunately, the girls adopted the fun additions as standard fare and, as of this week, our celebratory calendar is ridiculous. Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, President's Day and Mardi Gras/Shrove Tuesday all fell within a four day time span, and I now am officially suffering from holiday fatigue.

To fit in all the excitement, we passed out homemade candy at school Valentine's parties on Friday, made a gluten-free (so I could enjoy it too) King Cake Saturday morning, threw out the gf King Cake Saturday afternoon, bought a grocery store King Cake Saturday night, gave the girls a box of chocolates and made a festive family breakfast for Valentine's Day, made a non gf King Cake on Sunday because Taylor burst into tears at the prospect of a grocery store cake, had our Chinese New Year's dinner on Sunday night (two days late) for Valentine's dinner, made Cherry Clafouti on Monday for President's Day, will have pancakes for dinner tonight in honor of Shrove Tuesday and plan to have our Southern Style Mardi Gras dinner tomorrow night (also late). After which I'm not eating or cooking for at least a week.

I even tried to let a few celebrations go by the way side this year, but the girls wouldn't have it. I voted for a cherry flavored, bean paste, king cake decorated with red sugar hearts to cover all the holidays with one food, but that too was vetoed.

We currently have red streamers and dragons, paper snowflakes (for good measure, I suppose), hearts and festive beads strung about the house--classy. We've eaten so many different colored sugars in the past few days that the girls are now reporting technicolored bowel movements and the contents of the refrigerator resemble the after affects of WW III or a great American melting pot--depending upon your perspective.

The girls love our celebrations and I truly do too. But couldn't we space them out a bit--maybe one a week? Looking at the calendar, I think we actually have a brief respite. Until March. Then it's my Grandmother's 90th birthday, St. Patrick's Day, the first day of spring......Ah, bring on the Cadbury Cream eggs, Easter is on the horizon!

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